Weather in Nicosia

The weather in Nicosia, Cyprus is perfect for anyone who loves sunny days and mild winters. With an annual average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, Nicosia enjoys warm weather all year round. The city experiences very little rainfall, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to escape the wet and cold winters of other parts of the world.

January and February are the coldest months in Nicosia, with temperatures averaging around 17 degrees Celsius. However, even in these months, the weather is still much milder than what you would experience in other parts of Europe or North America. March marks the beginning of Spring, and temperatures start to increase slightly, reaching an average of 20 degrees Celsius by May.

June marks the start of Summer, and Nicosia really comes into its own during this time of year. With temperatures averaging a comfortable 29 degrees Celsius, it’s the perfect time to visit if you want to enjoy long days basking in the sun. July and August are usually the hottest months, with temperatures sometimes reaching 35 degrees Celsius or higher.

September signals the start of Autumn, and although the weather cools down slightly during this time of year, it’s still warm enough to enjoy all that Nicosia has to offer. October sees temperatures drop to an average of 23 degrees Celsius, making it a good time to visit if you want to avoid the heat but still enjoy some nice weather.

November and December mark the start of winter, but even during these months Nicosia remains relatively mild. Temperatures average around 19 degrees Celsius during these months, making it a great place to escape the cold winters of other parts of the world.

No matter what time of year it is, Nicosia is always a great place to visit thanks to its wonderful weather. So pack your bags and head on over to this beautiful Mediterranean city!

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