Pet Care Animal Hospital was originally initiated by Dr. Stelios Horaitis in 1999. His passion and dedication to animals as well as his skills lead to the hospital we have now. Practice with a highly qualified staff of 6 vets, 3 qualified Veterinary nurses, 2 groomers and receptionist providing the most comprehensive medical and animal care in Limassol, if not the whole Cyprus.

Our services range from routine wellness care preventing illness, to advanced diagnostics and surgery for health management, to urgent after-hours critical care of injured or seriously ill patients.

Our state of the art hospital is fully equipped with the most advanced modern equipment so that your service will be fast and effective. We have a 24hour service by qualified veterinarians that means if your pet needs emergency care at 2 am morning or at the weekend you can rely on us to be there for you.

We are committed to providing your family member with safety. Pet Care Animal Hospital is dedicated to giving you the best so that your little friend can have the healthiest and most comfortable life possible.

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