Konos Bay is a serene, golden beach that stretches for 200 meters in the south-eastern part of Cyprus.

The secluded and picturesque beach at the foot of Conos Bay is a great spot for families with children. The water is clear and there are no waves to get in your way if you wanted to go swimming. You will find many water sports activities along its shores and it's easy to find your perfect spot with this beautiful destination!

The beach is very accessible and can be reached by public transport or a Private car.

When is the best time to visit Konnos Bay Beach?

At the end of April the water in the sea warms up enough and will be comfortable for swimming. June is the most comfortable month in Cyprus to relax on the beaches, the temperature is pleasant and ranges between 26-30 degrees Celsius, the wind in the sea exists but not too strong. In the months of July and August the weather gets very hot and if you choose to go to the beach it is recommended to do so in the early morning or in the evening. In September and October the temperatures stabilize and it is recommended to go to the beach.

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