Bridge of Lovers 

Ayia Napa has one of the most stunning natural bridges In Cape Greco, Cyprus, named the Bridge of Lovers. Bridge of lovers is a must-visit location because is an amazing wonder of nature above the blue sea. This particular spot is very popular for Cypriots, foreigners, photographers and newlyweds, because of the romance that the location inspires, especially when the sun goes down in the evening.

The bridge of lovers is very beautiful and one of the most stunning locations in all over the Cyprus. This bridge is also directly connected to love. The visit for newlyweds and couples who love each other has become almost a tradition and every year many people go to admire this beautiful view in Cyprus. Sometimes symbolic wedding ceremonies also take place there. This stunning spot in Ayia Napa has been standing there for centuries and recent years it is named Love Bridge or The Bridge of Loved ones has also naturally been shaped as a result of natural processes, without human intervention and this fact makes it more attractive.

Moreover, according to local old myth, wishes will come true when couples in love kiss while located in the middle of the bridge and make a wish. This is also the reason why many couples visit the bridge, while many even choose to get married in a civil wedding in free Famagusta and have their first wedding photos at the point of this beautiful bridge.This beautiful bridge is also about 6 metres long, and is located 2.5 km from Ayia Napa and 8 km from Protaras. 

You can also swim in the sea but you can’t jump into water from the bridge because it is very dangerous. There are many big sharp rocks and the water there is also unstable. Nevertheless, there are safer places near the location of Sea Caves Cavo Greco from where you can jump into the water with no worries for danger. The destinations with boats from Ayia Napa’s port usually go in and around the beautiful bridge. 

In this spot of the bridge, crystal water is most of the time calm so is chosen by many divers to give scuba diving lessons. Moreover in summer months, many people can see a variety of Mediterranean monk seals. Ιt is worth mentioning that monk seals are the rarest kinds in the world, so you have to surely visit this beautiful place. Finally, if you want to avoid the crowd, the best time to visit the beautiful bridge, is early in the morning or late at dusk when it will be more romantic for you.

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    Ayia Napa has one of the most stunning natural bridges In Cape Greco, Cyprus, named…

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